stock trading india

  1. Many people ask about what is ’stock trading india’. Let me tell you al these in few steps. STEP 1: Go to a online discount broker website ,now you can open your A/C yourself or give your contact details for your help STEP 2: Keep PAN CARD & AADHAAR CARD ready for instant account opening online,alternatively you can schedule a form and documents pick up from your home or just visit local branch office as per your convenience . STEP 3: pay the minimal fees around Rs.300 for a new trading and demat account. STEP 4: Trade in Equity segments ,you can hold it for months,years,sell whenever you see profits .secondly you can Buy and sell stocks at the same time and learn Future&Options before trading in FnO segment. Trade in small volume first ,make some small profits is negligible ,maximum Rs.20 for any volume of executed trade. Béchar, Algeria
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